Thursday, June 13, 2019

Cheri Fields Home

Once a creative type, always a creative type!

I'm a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature and a certified gold member of the Christian PEN for nonfiction and children's editing: 

And you can see what large projects I've helped with that have been published on Amazon here:

Being a Music writer isn't enough, I love all things audio and words.

My main writing is available on Creation Science 4 along with my family's Podcast.

And my professional Voice Over website 

Not to  mention how much I enjoy polishing other people's written words til they shine, sometimes as a freelancer, and also at my day job curating The Creation Club for David Rives Ministries.

If you are considering hiring me as an editor, please take the time to absorb my philosophy of writing in my LinkedIn articles:

  1. Creativity is Messy
  2. Write Tight: a Nonfiction Author's Guide
  3. Your Reader is All That Matters
  4. Take Your Reader on a Journey
  5. Start at the End
  6. Your Reader isn't Omniscient
  7. Nothing New Under the Sun
  8. When I Sit Down to Read to my Little One
  9. Sketch the Setting
  10. Setting your Gemstones