You've got the message, I bring the polish! As readers we don't have to think about it, but, as soon as we realize there is an idea or story inside of us, the process of getting a book into the world can become daunting. Producing a book is a complex task  but it is doable and one of the first steps is to shape your manuscript so it shines. The best ideas in the world will struggle to find readers if the flow of thought and choice of words is confusing or dull. A book could have the most attractive cover and the most expensive marketing, but if the reading experience is clunky, no one will tell their friends they have to read it. That's where I come into the team  It's your book, your baby. I help you shape your thoughts, stories, and mold your manuscript to best impact your audience. I love to come alongside new writers and help you learn to recognize your unique strengths and weaknesses so you not only shape your current project but gain the skill and insight to w