You've got the message, I bring the polish!

As readers we don't have to think about it, but, as soon as we realize there is an idea or story inside of us, the process of getting a book into the world can become daunting.

Producing a book is a complex task 

but it is doable and one of the first steps is to shape your manuscript so it shines. The best ideas in the world will struggle to find readers if the flow of thought and choice of words is confusing or dull. A book could have the most attractive cover and the most expensive marketing, but if the reading experience is clunky, no one will tell their friends they have to read it.

That's where I come into the team 

It's your book, your baby. I help you shape your thoughts, stories, and mold your manuscript to best impact your audience. I love to come alongside new writers and help you learn to recognize your unique strengths and weaknesses so you not only shape your current project but gain the skill and insight to write with confidence and impact for the rest of your life.

Depending on your goals, I can help you connect with the rest of the team you'll need to bring your book to completion.

My specialties are:

  • Children's books for all ages
  • Nonfiction books of all sizes
  • Magazine articles
  • Blog posts and website content (especially your all-important About Page)
While I enjoy all kinds of topics, I have expertise in Christian living, theology, children's education, science, apologetics, children's fantasy, and all things for young readers. 

You can start your journey 

of understanding what makes great writing work through my collection of LinkedIn articles:

  1. Creativity is Messy
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    1. Wordiness Guide
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  6. Take Your Reader on a Journey
  7. Set the Tone with Symbolism 
  8. Start at the End
  9. Your Reader isn't Omniscient
  10. Sketch the Setting
  11. Setting your Gemstones

More about me

I never left home for college; nothing felt like a good enough fit to put out such a vast amount of time and effort (piano pedagogy?)—and my family needed me during that season. Instead, I started adding my parent's extensive library of serious Christian books to my steady diet of children's literature I read to myself and my young sisters. Eventually, as a young mom, I took the Institute for Children's Literature course and graduated with a recommendation to move on to their advanced level. 

Then, after starting my own science blog I began receiving review copies of indie-published books by my fellow biblical creationists. It was painful for me to be excited about their message while seeing how many things could have been so much more effective if only they had tweaked this and restructured that. 
When God helped me find out the only Christian editor's conference in the country, PENCON, was happening in my town, I pounced on the opportunity. Everything they shared about big picture (developmental/substantive) editing fit what I had been thinking for years. I realized this was part of what God had designed me for to best help his kingdom work.

I'm an INTJ, so one thing you are sure to have when I hand your manuscript back is a cohesive, logical framework. At the same time, I'm a mom of seven who cares deeply about the impact of story and relationship. In fact, if you want a dry, academic end product, please pick someone else to help you!
  • I am currently the managing editor for The Creation Club for David Rives Ministries, polishing blog articles for all levels of authors.
  • I edit the Biblical Prophecy Magazine from soup to nuts for Eschatos Ministries.
  • I'm the assistant editor for the Creation Research Society's Creation Matters newsletter helping primarily with lay-reader clarity. 

I'm a certified gold member of the Christian PEN for nonfiction and children's editing: 

You can see what large projects I've helped with that have been published on Amazon here:

My personal writing is available on Creation Science 4 along with my family's Podcast